Q-Series Rally Computers

The entry level balance of affordability and Monit performance

Q-Series Design

Built using the latest technology, the Q-Series range are the entry level to Monit Rally Computers. With a modern light-weight design and easy-to-use user interface, it’s the affordable alternative to existing bulky, complicated and outdated rally computer products.
All Q-Series models use a traditional speed sensor to measure distance and speed.

Q-Series Features

A balance of performance and affordability, the Monit Q-Series is a traditional speed sensor based rally computer designed to meet the needs of club competitors on a budget.

Accurate Distance Counters.

The Monit Q-Series is fitted with two five-digit distance counters that can be quickly set to zero or adjusted up and down using the simple menu system. The counting direction (up or down) can be changed, and the decimal point automatically shifts to allow measurement of very large distances. An external hand or foot-switch can be connected to clear the distances, change the counting direction, or implement a freeze function.

Current & Average Speed (Q-20 only)

The Q-20 rally computer includes a speed measurement system that lets you view your current vehicle speed in real-time. The system uses an advanced algorithm that computes a new speed value up to four times a second. The result is a highly responsive speed display, ideal for vehicles that accelerate or brake quickly.

The Q-20 also includes a basic average speed measurement function that is essential for many regularity, TSD and Oldtimer type rally events. Please see the G-200+ for greater speed functionality.

Calibration Simplicity.

For a traditional wheel sensor based rally computer to perform at its best it needs to be calibrated accurately. This might not be something you do very often, but when you do you shouldn’t have to wade through complicated calculations and confusing instructions. Using its unique menu based interface, all Monit tripmeters guide you through the calibration process using simple on-screen instructions.

Monit rally computers also allow you to manually view and edit the calibration number (pulses per km/mile) directly-essential if you regularly change tyre sizes or swap the unit between vehicles.

Hand or Foot-Switch Input.

Every Q-Series tripmeter includes a selectable hand or foot-switch input that can be configured using the menu system to either clear the distance counters, change the counting direction, or freeze the display.

Q Series Models

The entry level to the Monit rally computer product range. All Q-Series tripmeters require a speed sensor for operation.

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Feature Summary



GPS+ Operation (GPS/GLONASS/Galileo)

Wheel & Speed Sensor Operation



Total Distance (5-digit)

Interval Distance (5-digit)

Current Speed

Average Speeds


Programmable Hand & Foot Reset Inputs



Operation in Miles or KPH


All Q-Series rally computers require a speed sensor to generate the pulses used to measure speed and distance.

  • Width 102mm
  • Height 57mm
  • Thickness: 20mm
  • Mounting bosses: 2x M4 brass inserts
  • Weight: 100grams (unit only)
  • Cable length: 400mm


  • 2.9inch (diagonal) transflective type 128×64 pixel liquid crystal display with high contrast fluid.
  • Bright white LED backlight with dimming control.
  • Anti-glare film with scratch proof coating.

Electrical & Operating Requirements:

  • Operating Voltage 11-15V nominal
  • Operating Current 20-120mA
  • Standby Current <5mA
  • Operating Temperature -10 to 70 deg C
  • Storage Temperature -20 to 80 deg C

Team Monit

Monit is a specialist manufacturer of motorsport electronics based in Mount Maunganui, New Zealand. We are committed to developing winning motorsport solutions through innovative product design and engineering.

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