G-Series+ Rally Computers

Our premium precision tripmeters. The ultimate in performance and ease-of-use.

G-Series+ Design

Built using the latest technology, the 2022 Monit G-Series+ professional rally computers have all the features required for serious rallying in a simple-to-use package that is carefully designed to exceed the performance, accuracy and reliability needs of top rally teams. Coupled with the flexibility to use its integrated GPS+ receiver or run from speed sensors, precision rallying has never been easier.

In 2021 the Monit design has evolved with the addition of improved features and a new significantly more powerful GPS hardware platform, ensuring the new Monit G-Series+ rally computers are the most accurate, easy-to-use tripmeter distance measuring systems available.

G-Series+ Features

Easy-to-use powerful features are part of Monit Motorsports DNA. Whether you are competing in club rallies, writing accurate pace notes during recce, racing in the WRC, or competing in classic regularity/oldtimer rallies, the Monit G-Series has you covered.  An overview of Monit G-100+ and G-200+ features follow below.

Accurate Distance Counters.

The two independent five-digit distance counters of the Monit G-100+ and G-200+ rally computers can be quickly set to zero or preset to an initial value using the simple menu system. The counting direction (up or down) can be changed, and the distance adjusted up and down quickly using the foot or hand reset inputs. As the counter value increases the decimal point automatically adjusts to allow measurement of very large distances.

A high-resolution mode is selectable and provides accurate measurement down to the nearest 1m—ideal for road survey work.

Current, Average and Maximum Speed.

A powerful speed measurement system lets you view your current vehicle speed. The system uses an advanced algorithm to produce a highly responsive display that updates rapidly. A handy speed recorder allows you to recall the maximum speed achieved during a stage or rally event.

The Monit G-200+ model adds multiple average speed functions that are perfect for TSD, oldtimer or regularity rally events, or for estimating arrival times during touring stages.

Precision Timing System.

The built-in precision stopwatch removes the need to carry an extra stopwatch around your neck or on the dashboard, further reducing clutter and weight. The handy timer is easy to start, stop and reset, and can also be controlled using a hand or foot-switch for added convenience.

The G-200+ tripmeter model adds an additional stopwatch, as well as a GPS linked time of day clock that is ideal for keeping track of time controls throughout an event. The clock can be easily and quickly set to official rally time using the simple menu system.

Fuel Management System (G-200+ only).

Carefully managing fuel is essential for any professional rally team trying to minimise their vehicle’s weight. The Monit G-200+ rally computer includes a powerful fuel measurement system that is designed specifically for this task.
The system can be connected to the output of most factory or aftermarket senders and is easy to calibrate using the simple on-screen instructions. Operation can be in either litres or gallons, and the current fuel level can be shown along with other telemetry data or on a separate full-screen display—perfect for use in the service park.

Hand and Foot-Switch Inputs.

Every Monit G-Series+ tripmeter includes two selectable switch inputs that can used as short-cuts to common tasks. Using the simple menu system different tasks can be assigned to each switch depending on your particular needs.

Selectable options are: Clear Interval counter, Clear Total counter, Freeze the display, Count up/down (reverse counting direction), Pause counters, Adjust Distance Up, Adjust Distance Down, change Display Mode, Backlight Dim, and Stopwatch control. The G200+ also has: Stopwatch 2, and Clear Average Speed

Performance Measurement.

The G-Series+ tripmeters built-in 0-100kph and 0-400m (G-200+ only) sprint timers give you a quick and easy way to assess your vehicle’s performance. These smart timers start automatically when the vehicle begins moving and stop once the target speed, or distance, is achieved.

Speed Alarm (G-200+ only).

An adjustable speed alarm can be activated on the Monit G-200+ model, bringing up an additional menu where you can select the speed to trigger a Monit speed alarm light (see Accessories). Additionally, the output wire for the speed alarm could be wired up to activate an engine rev cut or speed limiter for special events with restricted top speeds.

Special Stage Recorder (G-200+ only).

Making your co-drivers life a lot simpler, this handy special stage recorder is activated via the programmable switch input. This smart feature clears both distance counters and ‘arms’ the stopwatch at the start line, automatically starting special stage timing when the vehicle starts moving – perfect for ensuring your co-driver is distraction free at the rally stage start. On reaching the end the G-200+ rally computer will display and store; stage time, average speed, maximum speed, and distance travelled.

Adjustable GPS Calibration.

Matching the distances measured by event organisers is critical to successful rally navigation, the new G-Series+ allows users to easily adjust the calibration of the Monit tripmeter to exactly match event organisers measured distance even while running in GPS only mode.

Simple straight forward calibration of wheel and speed sensors is retained with the Monit rally computer calibration wizard, and the easy-to-use menu allows viewing and editing the automatically calculated calibration number if desired.

G-Series+ Models

Able to run from speed sensors, or the built-in precision GNSS, the Monit G-Series+ offers unrivalled accuracy and ease-of-use. The precise GPS/GNSS system uses GPS, GLONASS and Galileo satellite systems and coupled with an external antenna for maximum sensitivity. Antennas and Speed Sensors are purchased separately.

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Feature Summary



GPS+ Operation (GPS/GLONASS/Galileo)



Wheel & Speed Sensor Operation

or SS

or SS

Total Distance (5-digit)

Interval Distance (5-digit)

Current Speed

Average Speeds

Maximum Speed

Quick Adjust Distance Up/Down


Stopwatch #2

Fuel Gauge

Time of Day

Overspeed Alarm

Special Stage Recorder

Vehicle Performance Timers

Programmable Hand & Foot Reset Inputs



Operation in Miles or KPH


Designed for professional rally teams, the Monit G-Series rally computer has all the features required for serious rallying, in a simple-to-use package. With the flexibility to use its integrated GPS+ receiver or speed sensors, getting started has never been easier.

  • Width 116mm
  • Height 57mm
  • Thickness: 20mm
  • Mounting bosses: 2x M4 brass inserts
  • Weight: 100grams (unit only)


  • 2.9inch (diagonal) transflective type 128×64 pixel liquid crystal display with high contrast fluid.
  • Bright white LED backlight with dimming control.
  • Anti-glare film with scratch proof coating.

Electrical & Operating Requirements:

  • Operating Voltage          11-15V nominal
  • Operating Current          20-120mA
  • Standby Current             <5mA
  • Operating Temperature -10 to 70 deg C
  • Storage Temperature     -20 to 80 deg C

GPS System:

Concurrent reception of GPS, GLONASS and Galileo GNSS systems.

Note: An antenna is not included and must be purchased separately if GPS/GNSS functions are required. Ensure a genuine Monit GPS/GNSS labelled antenna is used to achieve best accuracy and performance.

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